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Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

We earn our crust by keeping our clients happy and that's why they stick around. But don't just listen to us because our clients are more than happy to speak for themselves.

Paul Maung-Maung, Director, Cinnamon Active

“I have tried unsuccessfully to send press releases to the media over the years. Frustrated, I have now given up the ghost trying to do this in-house. So, I recently approached Bread and Butter PR with our remit.

Even though I have just started working with Bread and Butter PR, I am delighted with the initial structure that has been put in place and how they have managed my expectations with a no nonsense approach. I have a basic understanding of the mechanics of PR, but they have crystallized a simple strategy working within our budget, which I am sure will give the business the best opportunities.”

Nick Fry, Head Teacher at Thames Ditton Junior School

"Eleanor has provided voluntary PR support to our School for 2 years as a PR consultant. She has met me on a regular basis to discuss forthcoming events in the school and has written press releases on our behalf. This has been of tremendous benefit ensuring that a succession of stories and photos appear in the local press enabling us to gain positive coverage helping to enhance the profile of the school. Recently, she has also sat on the marketing commitee and provided copywriting skills for our school website. I have always found her both helpful and professional and she has been able to offer us some excellent advice."

Karen Campbell-White, Head of In-House PR, COI

"Eleanor has been a great asset to the COI PR team, with strong client handling and media relations skills. Eleanor has worked primarily on the RAF Careers account - with responsiblity for managing our case study database involving sourcing case studies for media, interviewing and writing up profiles, and selling stories into national, consumer and regional media. As an experienced PR professional, Eleanor has the ability to manage projects independently. She also has excellent writing skills, and has been responsible for drafting editorial for a number of articles in RAF careers media.

In addition, Eleanor has been responsible for overseeing a number of advertorials in consumer media. This involved briefing magazine houses, liaising with the journalist to ensure the campaign message is communicated clearly, and proofreading."

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